Tragic news has been heard from the capital Addis Ababa


Iranian government issued an arrest warrant on President Donald Trump. Iran demanded justice from Interpol for the death of General Kasseim Souleimani on Trump and 30 individuals who were involved in the tragedy. Iran says that trump will be held responsible for what he had done even after he leaves office. Interpol has not made any official comment on the issue.

Through its 111th report on the COVID19, the Ministry of Health has reported 157 new infections out of 3,691 tests performed during the past 24 hours. 97 of these cases are male and 60 are female within the age group of 7-83 years. Only one is a foreigner. 132 were found in Addis Ababa, 5 in Amhara, 5 in Afar, 3 in Tigray, 3 in Somali, 3 in Oromiya and 1 in Benshangul region. 5 people have died from the virus which raised the total number of deaths to 103. On the bright side, 298 people have recovered, raising the total number of recoveries to 2,430. Since the first case had been found in Ethiopia, a total of 250,602 tests have been performed. There are currently 3,311 active cases in the country and 35 are in the ICU.


China has confirmed the country’s position on the Grand Renaissance Dam on a phone call to the Ethiopian Minister of Foreign Affairs stating that China will always put its partnership with Ethiopia first. China stated its support to resolve the issue of the dam with discussions and firmly expressed its belief that African issues should be resolved by Africans only.

Tragic news has been heard from an area commonly known as Haile Garment in the capital Addis Ababa. An 8 year old girl lost her life after accidentally touching an electric wire on the ground. This wire was cut to transfer electricity from one household to a neighboring household. The residents of the area have previously reported this situation to the Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation but to no avail and now it had cost them a life.


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