Traits that women find unattractive


Although it comes off uncomfortable, some men have certain traits that women find unattractive. If you find yourself wondering why women do not get close to you or fear you, here is probably why.

  • Overconfidence: overconfidence in men leads to women being irritated even before the start of relationships. Women love type of confidence that is normal and healthy. Overconfidence in men usually comes off as being boastful. Emphasizing what you own and bragging about yourself makes a woman not want a second date or even completely lose interest.

  • Low self confidence: women are turned off by men who have low self confidence and are indecisive. They are more attracted to men who are assertive and know what they want which is seen as masculine. Being assertive however, does not mean being stubborn; it is important to tell the difference between the two. 
  • Lack of concept of space: when men start chasing a girl, they sometimes may come off as needy or clingy. Their unconcern of the woman’s need of space is highly unattractive. Constantly calling or texting a woman you are not in a relationship with even after she has not replied would make her stray further away from you.
  • Rudeness: no matter how respectful you are to them, women always tend to notice how you treat others around you. Women find rudeness unattractive because they think that if you are rude to those around you like shoe shiners or waiters, you are going to someday show your true colors to them in the long run. 
  • Pretending: pretending as if you are not interested in her or that you do not like her out of fear or some other reason will make her stop seeing you in a romantic way. A woman will lose interest in a man if he is pretending not to have feelings. Reflect your feelings without crossing boundaries but never pretend that you do not have them.
  • Being over teasing or over playful: it is known that women love playful and hilarious men but it is very irritating when all he does is joke or tease especially when she is trying to have a serious conversation. Childish behavior in men is tedious and unattractive when it is too much. It is important to read a woman’s expression while having a conversation.
  • Being quick for sex: making gestures that are suggestive of sex before you got to know each other very well is a complete turn off for women and is disrespectful. You have to show a woman that you are not interested in her not just for sex but for her personality and the intimacy of it. You should not be quick to make sexual advances towards her or you may lose her.
  • Being jealous and controlling: jealousy and being controlling while you are just starting to date would make her look the other way. If you come off as a jealous type of person, she would start to fear you and make her not think of anything long term.

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