Unbelievably wealthy kids who made fortune on YouTube


1.Nastya: Nastya is a Russian-American 6 year old YouTuber whose vlogs and other videos on her channel of 60 million subscribers have made her unbelievably rich. She has 140 million subscribers in general including her other YouTube channel. Her most watched video has 70 billion views and she has collaborated with companies like Lego Land for advertisements. With a yearly income of $93-231 million, Nastya has ranked 10th in the most watched YouTube channels list and 1st in the most watched kids channels list.

2.Ryan’s: parents of Ryan recognized his talent for speech from an early age and created a YouTube channel for him to review and analyze new toys in 2015. In 2018 only, Ryan earned $22 million and now he has an annual income of $37-92 million. His channel has 26.3 million subscribers and has worked on promotions for companies such as Colgate and Nickelodeon. Ryan has a net worth of $120 million.

3.Vlad and Niki: Vlad and Nikita are Russian-Americans who got famous on YouTube for their funny videos with their mom. They earn $147-368 million annually and have earned 500 million from their channel alone. The channel has 53 million subscribers and ranks 13th amongst YouTube channels with highest views.

4.Carina and Ronald: these siblings of 13 and 11 respectively have a YouTube channel named Sis Vs Bro with 13.5 million subscribers which earns them $3.5-8.5 million each year. The siblings have a net worth of $20 million.

5.Maria Clara and JP: these siblings of 7 and 10 years of age respectively make Portuguese contents for their channel of 22 million subscribers which earns them $37-91 million each year.


6.Jojo Siwa: this 17 year old girl, who is a former host for the TV show Dancing Moms, quit the show for her channel which earns her $3.6 million annually and has now reached 11.6 million subscribers.

7.Tiana Wilson: she is an owner of 2 big channels with 5.6 million and 11.3 million channels respectively.

8.Kyle: Kyle owns a gaming channel with which earns him $2 million annually

9.FaZe Jarvis: this 18 year old has a gaming channel with 3.5 million subscribers. He was tied up in a scheming scandal whose apology video earned him $25,000-50,000. He earns 1.7 million dollars annually.

10.Evan Tube: this father-and-son channel makes millions through videos and ads for companies.


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