Unforgettable jokes told during the ruling of “Derg” and “EFDRE”


Today we talk about the jokes told in the politics world. People tend to joke about politics and Politicians. these jokes have the tendency of speaking the reality of the political and social circumstances during that specific period at the same time cracking a smile among the audience. It may even make the politicians themselves smile rather than raising anger, a wise politician might even take a lesson from them. Even if these jokes told are on a different period of times they express a similar scenario happening on their respective rulings. We hope you find those similarities on the jokes about to be told. 

A joke from the ‘Derg’ period: 

the visit of the poultry farming: This skit is well played by the comedians Dereje and Habte. ‘The president of the ‘Derg’ period lieutenant Mengestu Hailemarim was visiting the poultry farm, the poultry breeders were waiting in line for the commenting from the president. He went on to looking at the first breeder’s chickens and he was impressed by the state the chickens were in and he said “you have a very good poultry” the breeder was pleased and bowed in gratitude. The president went on and asked” so what do you feed them?”

the breeder “I always feed them corn” said respectfully, the president was furious He then “my people are dying in hunger you are feeding chickens corn? Arrest this man” he orders his soldiers. The soldiers carried the man out. The president preceded to the second breeder, he was yet impressed by the states of the chickens and asks what they were being fed “wheat” replays the breeder, the president was angry once again and orders the same thing as the previous man. This went on to the few breeders. Then arrived on this one man who has been observing what was happening the president once again complimented the man’s chickens asking similar questions he asked the rest. This scared breeder shaking in fear “I don’t feed them at all I only give them the money and they gate themselves their meals” he replayed.

A joke from EFDRE period:

The devil and the EFDRE: It was in Addis Abeba, the devil and EFEDRE were out looking for a place to live in. after several hours of search then got to this old women’s house. Both liked the place and wanted to rent it. The devil said “MS I will pay 2000 birr for the place I want to rent it, I will not be using water and light” and the EFDRE said “I will pay twice as much and I will only be here once a month anyways” the women observed both cases and chooses the devil. The EFDRE got angry and said “even after I told you I will pay twice you are choosing him?” the women replayed “the devil is better if I want him to leave the place I can make him leave with holy water but you will not” she said

Another one from the Derg period: The watch of the president


lieutenant Mengestu Hailemariam was bathing at the famous ‘fil weha’ sauna after the bath he changed and went to his office. After few moments he notices his watch was missing, he realizes that he has left it at the sauna. He immediately called the welfare ministry Colonel Tesfaye “I forgot to take my watch Colonel” and the Colonel “where did you forget it Mr. president” said in confusion. Mengestu “In the morning at the sauna” replayed in anger. The Colonel ”yes sir I will send my squad to the scene immediately” the search started the watch for the presidents watch. The sauna was now surrounded by military squads’ and the people were being searched up. The president called after a while and told Colonel Tesfaye that he has found his watch in the pocket of his jacket. the colonel then said “what is wrong with you Mr. president we had already made 50 people confess for stealing your watch”

Another one EFDRE: The federal police and the boy:

One federal police were hitting one young boy. When the boy couldn’t handle the hitting he changed his dialect to Tigrigna language and asked “sir why you hitting me more” the police still keeps on hitting the boy “why you keep saying why boy” not stopping the hitting. The kid keeps on protesting yet it got even worse the boy then “what’s going on did the governing party changed? “he said. It turned to be an unsuccessful attempt. 

A third one from the Derg

We are not leaving if you do: one day president Mengestu Haile Mariyam was passing by the immigration, he saw a big line of peoples and asked what the line is for the people with him told him that the people were waiting to receive their passports. The next day the president with his friends went to the immigration office to get their passport, the line was long as usual, but when the people saw that the president they started going back to their places the president then asked one of the people from the line why they were going back? The boy answered “well if you leave the country what reason do we have to leave?” replayed the young man.

And a third one from EFDRE: 8 years back Tamerat Geleta was arrested for the fraud of a fake conjuring. He is known for his hair breads. When he first got in prison one guard who saw him surrounded by his many followers addressed him as a celebrity assuming he was the singer Haileye a singer with a long hair. Those who heard said that it was the witch not the singer. The guard then said to cut his hair but his followers refuses to do so claiming his powers are on his hair, the guard replayed “let alone this fraud the prime minister himself who leads over 80 million peoples is bold so cut his hair” ordered. You see the prime minister of EFEDRE is bold.

In this stressful world a comedy is a must to relax the mind. To add one bonus joke on the EFEDRE period there used to be several political meetings on every district but hence the people were tired of the never-ending meetings the government decided to reward the attendants a pocket money. Ever since then the neighbors have started using the pocket money as currency by the pocket level pricing, if one say two pocket money then it means 100 birr and if one said I bought something for 4 pocket it means 200 birrs. 


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