What do women like in a man?


One of the things most relationship consultants agree on is the misconception men have about what women find attractive. Men grow up being told they have to be proud, firm and emotional reserved; which is entirely wrong.  Many business men are unable to find a partner because their hard earned money shields them from being seen as who they are. Then what else is it that attracts women? The points we are giving you today are answers given by 30 intelligent women.  We are hopefully these will help you to create a meaningful relationship with your partner. 

ReWomen are attracted to ambitious men who are working hard toward something they love doing. For instance, rather than a man who is doing something to please his parents, women are more attracted to one who loves doing what he does even if he doesn’t make much money. 

Although many won’t agree with this easily, to win an intelligent woman over, ambition trumps money every time.

2. Attention 

In life, we all want someone who understands us. But only a few take the time to open and show who they really are. So instead of all money can be, a girl would prefer you give her yourself. Listen to her, look at her in the eye, prioritize your conversations, be fully present when you’re with her, this will let her know that you’re giving her your whole attention.  Anyone, man or woman likes to be paid attention to. 

3. Humor 

When women were asked what they like the most out of a man’s character, the very top answer was found to be humor. 

It’s not surprising that women admire someone who can lighten up the mood after all the seriousness life hits us with. 


4. Unpredictability 

If your partner is able to predict your every move, may be its time for you to create new things in your life and with her as well.  You can take her to some place new, bring her something she likes or buy her simple thoughtful gifts like flowers.  These unpredictable actions of your will create a sparkler in your relationship, which you might be in need of. 

5. Consciousness 

Consciousness refers to the habit of questioning every aspect of your life and strive to attain the kind of life you dream of. Rather than a person who lives as life hits him, a thoughtfully person in his personal, work or love life is much preferred by women.  

6. Leadership

Due to human being’s evolutionary make up, we tend to be attracted to those who are up high in power class. But there is a big difference between a power hungry individual and an a motivator who is patient and is a people’s person. 

7. Emotionally available

If you want to create a deep and meaningful relationship, you have to be open and emotionally available.


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