What does your nail color say about your health?


Even though we have an understanding that our nail is part of our body that needs care and protection, many of us don’t know that the unfamiliar appearances on our nails might be a projection of internal health impairment.
On today’s issue we are here to tell you what the color of our nails says about our health. We are sure our stay won’t be regretful. It is no doubt many of us might ask what the color of our nails has to do with our health. 

For a moment look at your fingers, observe them from a suitable distance. Observe the condition of your nail is in inattentively, its shape, strength, the color, the situation it is in, if there is a crack or not and so much more. Try to have a clear understanding of it. In addition to that watch closely the color surrounding your finger nail. Medical professional advices us to always check the condition of our nail in this way. The professionals say the reason to check the condition of our nail suggests a lot about the state of our medical condition. Hence the different symptoms seen on the nails are signs for different disabilities.
Let’s look at few symptoms that can’t be neglected and hints a medical disability.

Pale nail: If the nail is severely pale it might be a sign for sever disability state, and from these medical conditions some can be typhoid, heart disease, liver disease, and malnutrition.  


White nail: if the nail is white with a dark feature surrounding it might be a sign of hypostases, and if even hypostases is not found since it might be a sign of relating liver diseases it is a better option to give caution.
Yellow nail: the nail color being yellow shows more than anything that one might be subjected to a fungus infection. If the infection has gotten worse, there will be seen a cracking and breaking up of the skin under the nails. The nails will also be extremely strong and breakable. In rare cases yellow nail may subject one to thyroid, low blood sugar, and lung disease.

Blue nail: if your nail is turning blue it is a sign that shows you are not getting enough Oxygen indicating lung diseases such as lung infection or anemonin. Sometimes blue nail might be relatable with heart diseases.
Cracked nail: dry and easily breakable nail is highly relatable with diseases as thyroid. Furthermore cracking of the nail in half or more while also turning yellow indicating fungus infection.

Black lined nail: if you see such signs it's important to get a medical treatment immediately. This sort of signs indicates melanoma cancer one among the many deadly skin cancers.
Biting nail: many people think biting nail as a bad habit rather than as a medical condition. Besides being seen that people who bite their nails are highly affected by stress and tension they are also subjected to the psychological disorder-obsessive compulsive disorder.
As we have observed above lightly even though it is believed the change in the color and condition of the nail is a symptom of different medical conditions it should be noted to remember to visit a medical professional to be sure of your conditions. Hence it is difficult to conclude that one is affected by the mentioned diseases just by looking at the color of your nail, it is advised to not take any medication before consulting a medical professional.


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