What to eat and not to eat to lose weight?


What not to eat ?

1. Sweet 
Have the most important meal of the day: Breakfasts. This will help you not feel hungry through out the day. But, avoid having sweets at breakfast or anytime.  Sweets have high amount of sugar content in them which could change into fats and also raises the level of insulin in our blood stream. 

2. Fries 
On a study conducted in Harvard University with 120 thousand participants, fries have been causing obesity in many. The reason for this is the high amount of carbohydrate fries contains.

3. Soft drinks
Although Consuming different nutrient is recommended, soda isn’t one of them. A study have found drinking diet soda can increase belly fat three folds. Its high sugar content can make you prone to diabetes and spine related diseases. 

4. Processed meat
Its high content of sodium nitrate will make it hard for you to lose weight 

5. Popcorn 
Popcorn is rich with carbohydrate, fiber and anti-oxidants which is healthy and good for giving us energy.But consuming commercial pop corns because they are made with unhealthy amount of oil and sugar. 


6. Butter 
Instead of eating butter with bread use the healthy and low sugar margarine. 

7. White bread 
Having a few slices of bread will make us crave for more food, which is why it makes it hard to lose weight. It also has high starch content which can make us diabetic. 

8. Alcohol
If you are determined to lose weight its highly advised if you totally stop drinking alcohol or at least reduce your consumption.  Don’t listen to excuses like alcohol doesn’t have any calories. 

9. Fabricated juices 
Natural homemade juices are very good for health and even losing weight but manufactured juice has nutrients that are harmful like fructose. which In a study done by psychology review has been identified as cause for obesity.

Foods that are good for losing weight 

  1. Pineapple 
  2. Prime
  3. Apple
  4. Avocado 
  5. Tomatoes
  6. Cucumber
  7. Bean 
  8. Purslane 
  9. Papaya 
  10. Nuts



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