What to eat for a healthy body and clear skin


You may have been told to completely remove the fat in your diet and replace it with vegetables. However, your body requires healthy fat in small amounts.

1.Olive seeds: surprisingly olive seeds contain high amount of fat which is useful for the body. Olive oil and olive seeds contain essential nutrients such as hydroxytrodol.

2.Coconut: consuming coconut is very beneficial to health. It contains lauric acid which fights bacteria and balances the amount of fat in the body. In addition to this, it helps for weight loss and to get rid of belly fat.

3.Yoghurt: there is a misconception that yoghurt is entirely fat and consuming it causes obesity. However, the reality is completely different. The pro-biotic bacteria contained in yoghurt are pretty useful for the body. Yoghurt prevents obesity and health disease and facilitates digestion.

4.Peanuts: peanuts should be consumed before and after meals to gain maximum benefits.

5.Avocadoes: avocadoes are rich in fat, potassium and fiber. Potassium balances blood pressure and prevents kidney problems. Fiber balances the amount of fat in the body.


6.Eggs: 212 mgs of fat are contained in one egg. Scrambled eggs, egg salad or fried eggs should be eaten 2 or 3 days a week.

7.Fish: there are many species of fish with different amount of nutrients contained in them. Among the beneficial ones are salmon, sardines and herrings. This species of fish are also very beneficial to development of the brain. Omega 3 fats contained in fish fights depression. It is recommended to consume fish once a week.

8.Cheese: cheese is not recommended to be consumed in large amounts but it contains many useful body-building nutrients. Cheese contains calcium, vitamin B12, phosphorus and selenium. It prevents infections on skin pores, helps to have strong skeletons and a healthy pregnancy. It also facilitates digestion. Consume cheese 2 to 3 days a week.

9.Dark chocolate: dark chocolate is rich in fiber, iron, copper, magnesium and manganese. Studies show that people who consume dark chocolate at least 5 times a week are less prone to heart problems.

10.Pork: pork is high in fat and energy boosting nutrients.


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