What your tongue says about your health


Our tongue, like the rest of our body, has a lot to say about our health. We can understand what kind of health problems we may face just by looking at the color of our tongue. If the following color changes on the tongue occur, it is best to consult a physician immediately.


  • Redder tongue: if our tongue is this color, it signifies that our body lacks nutrients like vitamin B and iron. Some traditional health experts suggest that this occurs when some part of the body heats up. Toothpastes, certain medicines or acidic foods may cause this condition.
  • Purplish tongue: purplish tongue color may indicate a throat infection or bronchitis. It also indicates that the body is not receiving enough oxygen. Purplish tongue also signifies low blood flow and high cholesterol in the body. Consuming cold foods, ginger or garlic may cause this condition.
  • Yellow and rough tongue: this indicates low levels of hemoglobin. Yellow and rough tongue also indicates fatigue and problems concerning the lungs and large intestine. Using cinnamon, ginger and garlic could treat this condition. To increase the amount of hemoglobin n the blood, it is best to consume spinach, beet root, apples, mangoes, peanuts, red meat and etcetera.
  • Dark colored tongue: after some time the color of the tongue becomes darker and hairy. Hairy tongue contributes to the reproduction of bacteria and storage of waste materials in mouth which would cause several health issues.
  • Whiter tongue: a whiter tongue indicates the existence of plenty bacteria and dead skin on the hairs of the tongue. Smoking, dehydration, dryness of mouth and other things could cause this condition.
  • Red tongue: this mostly indicates health problems in children. Strawberry colored tongue shows children’s vulnerability to blood vessel diseases and fever. This color of tongue is not usually perceived on adults and if it is it shows deficiency of vitamin B (Niacin).
  • Grey tongue: grey tongue signifies the vulnerability to a type of skin cancer called Melanoma.
  • Red dots: the appearance plenty of red dots on the tongue are signs of many health disorders. It shows the deficiency of vitamin C and could be caused by consuming too much of hot drinks. It is also a sign of asthma and lots of allergies.
  • Dry tongue: dry tongue indicates the body is producing too much mucus. It is best to stay away from sugary and dairy products. Stress makes salivary glands swell and cause the tongue to become dry. Drinking a glass of lemon juice can help with this issue. Swollen tongue signifies vulnerability to allergies and deficiency of vitamin B 12. 

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