Your blood type and health


Based on the minerals that are found in our Red blood cells, we humans have four different blood types. These blood types are named A, B, AB and O. Health specialists confirm that our blood type can say a lot about our health and our body. The food we eat is transferred to our different body parts through blood after it has been digested. And this process opens way for the minerals in the food we consumed to chemically merge with our blood. And if we consume food that relates to and can go with our blood then it can be helpful in many ways like by helping us decrease unnecessary weight and by increasing our immunity to diseases. These were just some examples as to our blood type tells more about our health and body.

So like I mentioned before, there are foods that go with our blood type and diseases that can happen specifically on our blood type. Let us start with the O blood type.


O blood type has been around earlier than the others. It is rumored to be passed down the line from animal hunters. People with this blood type are advised to eat foods like fish, seafood, red meat, salt, poultry, and sweet potato. On the other hand they are recommended to exclude foods like eggs, products of animals, wheat and beans from their meals as they might not go well with their blood. When it comes to health, people with the O blood type are said to have no place for stress while they might frequently fall under stomachaches.

Even in the most stressing situation, their hormone is known to be stable that can help them go through without too many issues. On the other hand people with this blood type might fall victim to obesity and the females to less chance of getting pregnant.

The A blood type came from the time that people first set foot in agriculture. People at that time consumed large amounts vegetables which helped them to develop a fast digestion system and also increased amounts bacteria in their intestines. People with this blood type are advised to eat foods like apples, avocado, salad, carrot, garlic, beans, yoghurt, wheat bread and pasta. On the other hand they are recommended to exclude foods like eggs, red meat and other animal products from their meal as their intestine is not developed enough to digest them. Females with this blood type are said to be able to have kids for many years as their bodies are most productive. Alcohol is known to cause problems and intensify those that already happened for people of this blood type. And they also have high chance of being victims of stomach cancer.

The B blood type came down in line from people in agriculture once they went to the Himalaya’smountain and started the animal breeding. Foods that are deemed to be beneficial for people of this blood type include red meat, fish, yoghurt, cheese, milk, banana, green plants, wine and pineapple while poultry, wheat, tomato, and peanut are advised against consumption. B blood typed people who usually exercise are said to be lucky. As their blood makes their body, especially their muscles, ready for exercise. On the downside they have high chance of getting stomachaches, Alzheimer and on special cases fainting.

AB blood type is the recent discovered blood type that is only found in around 5% of the world’s population. Even though people with this blood type are capable of digesting meat and vegetables, their stomach acid is on low concentration which causes lots of fat to be stored. Fruits and vegetables, watermelon and wine, tuna and sardine are the main foods that are recommended for people with this blood type while maize, pork, alcohol and coffee are advised against consumption. AB blood typed people have a hormone called cortisol in their blood that helps them regulate their emotion level as to why they are reasonable people. On the other hand they have more chance of falling under health related problems and forgetfulness also protein loss.

Even if it seems like we can’t change the bad sides of our blood type, changing our habit of food, doing exercise, reducing stress and doing regular health checkups can help us stay healthy. And knowing our blood type can help us be cautious about our health as well.

Know your blood type and stay healthy!


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